The company was originally founded in the 1980's as Simpson Environmental Services of Richmond, California. Dan Simpson, inventor of the DryVac Technology began manufacturing standard filter presses for use in plating shops, pigment production and oil tank cleaning. In the early 1990’s, Dan sold the company to devote full time to the development of a filter press system, which could dewater and dry slurries in a single unit. After the development of the specialized plate, he repurchased the original company and DryVac Environmental was born. Using previous experience, the original DryVac units consisted of small systems for dewatering and drying of metal hydroxides, paint pigments, wastes and slurries in oil tank bottoms. In anticipation of the growth of the company, DryVac Environmental moved from Richmond, California to Rio Vista, California in 1996.

As the years progressed, significant research and development concentrated in creating plates with a more robust plastic. This resulted in the production of bigger plates and, hence, larger units. The advanced plastics also allowed the change from hot water to steam for the internal heat source. The use of steam provides a higher differential temperature, which results in faster drying times.
It has always been Dan Simpson’s vision to develop a complete water and solid recovery system. In 2000, DryVac Environmental investigated synergies with other advanced technologies. DryVac Environmental investigated worldwide to locate the best advances in technology and, perhaps more importantly, the engineering capability to properly use these technologies. As the search continues, DryVac Environmental was changed to Dehydration & Environmental Systems, Inc. Refer to our section on TDM for additional details.