DryVac Continuing Production in the Alberta oil sands region is anticipated to increase 3-5 fold in the next 15 years. The DryVac process can economically assist in this expansion in a cost effective best technology application. The principal benefits of the system are its closed system oil liberation and water recovery. The system can be sequentially used to further wash the sand residue sludge for additional minerals, while returning the reclaimed water to mine operations and the clean waste sand/minerals to land restoration.

DryVac Oil Recovery

The DryVac unit can be used in direct remediation of existing tailing ponds. Remediation improves the ecological sustainability of the surrounding region through reduction in potentially cumulative groundwater contamination. Benefits would include providing reclaimed water to the mining operations and clean mineral waste for land application/restoration. This could be applied to almost any existing tailing pond application. In the Mining field this could provide additional capture of Oil material for processing improving operations and lessening environmental impacts.