TDM provides a wide range of solutions to your waste challenges. At TDM, we specialize in the use of advanced technologies to supply environmentally friendly solutions to your problems. Our mission is to create solutions that allow the maximum reuse of the incoming waste stream and/or the minimum impact on the environment. Our motto is “Reuse thte Water – Reuse the Waste”. In addition to our advanced dewatering and drying equipment, TDM has established working relationships with service and equipment groups throughout the world. We can offer solutions to a number of waste issues in the industrial and biosolid areas. Our scope includes advanced:

drying and dewatering of sludge in a single unit with low emissions and high energy efficiency to produce a reusable material or a minimal final waste
gasification systems of carbon-based waste streams for energy or ethanol production
hazardous material handling and remediation
Using the latest technologies, TDM can implement a wide range of logistical solutions from a simple equipment purchase, to temporary/permanent installations, to service support, to build, own, and operate as needed.